Zipline Punta Cana

Sensations in their pure state!

Soar above the canopy and feel the rush of the wind as you enjoy the beautiful views

Discover another world

Create memories that will last a life time by soaring above the canopy and discovering the country’s landscape through our zipline tour in Punta Cana. This fun adventure will surely be something you will talk about for years to come about your great experience in the Dominican Republic. Through this ziplines you will be able to enjoy Bávaro from a unique and spectacular point of view.<br /> Speed, landscapes, adventure and adrenaline… all of these are just some of the reasons you must head out on our zipline excursions in Punta Cana. Come and try them!

General recommendations for this Punta Cana zipline aventure

We recommend that you wear closed shoes, comfortable clothes and sunscreen. That way you will have the most of the experience without any worry. This experience is not recommended for people that are over 250 pounds (113 kilograms) and/or have back problems. Kids above 3 feet (120 cm) are welcome to experience this thrilling adventure!

If you are looking for excitement, don’t miss out on our zipline excursions in Punta Cana. How do you feel about exploring the beautiful landscapes of Punta Cana from a different perspective? Come to the top of our platform above mountains and let yourself go at high speeds.

Fly over the dominican jungle in a zipline

You will fly over spectacular surroundings and you’ll enjoy some unforgettable views, full of wild and exotic vegetation that will leave you speechless.

Our Ziplines are a unique attraction, and there’s not only sun, beaches and relax in Punta Cana. Try an adrenaline rush with our ziplines in Punta Cana! A unique experience, ideal for children and adults.

With our zipline you will fly over a spectacular surrounding, you’ll enjoy the magnificent views over the more than two kilometers of pure adrenaline rush. We have five ziplines, all of them unique, due to the length of the line and its security measures: with more than 160 meters of altitude, it has been especially designed for our park. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings…at 70 km/h!

An outstanding view from the heights

The activities and adventure excursions are alternative ways to get to know the landscapes of the country. Our ziplines in Punta Cana will leave you an unforgettable memory of your trip to the Dominican Republic, and will give you the chance to enjoy Bávaro from a unique and spectacular point of view.

The speed, landscapes, adventure and adrenaline…all of these are just some of the reasons you must not miss out on our zipline excursions in Punta Cana. Come and try them!

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Say so long to speding your trip trapped behind your camara. The only thing you have to worry about is having the time of your life - our professional photographers are on hand to capture your vacation memories for a souvenir you'll cherish forever.

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Special activities and games program for all the children that don't wish to join the adults in their activities.

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Medical emergencies can happen. But we want you to enjoy a worry-free vacation, which is why we have a medical center and team available to cover any type of emergency.
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La Hacienda Park is an unforgettable place for fun in Punta Cana wich include adventure activities such as horse riding, buggy rides, safari excursions, ziplines, chairlift, quickjump and a restaurant with authentic dominican dishes.

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