1. How can I buy the tickets?
You can buy your tickets on our website or you can send us an email to infolh@grupointerparks.com. You can also reach us in every hotel in Bávaro, Punta Cana, La Romana and Bayahive via the best touroperator or our own vendors. Do not hesitate to contact them to buy your tickets.

2. Is every activity included?
Yes. With your ticket you’ll be able to enjoy our safari, to ride our beautiful horses or to get the best of our buggie ride. If you are rather the adventurer, don’t miss the Quick Jump or the zip-line and, from December 2016, our state of the art chairlift.

3. Can I join the activities if I am pregnant?
Sure you can enjoy the safari, the chairlift and de Dominican buffet, but due to safety reasons pregnant women are not allowed to take part in the other activities such as horse riding, Quick Jump, zip-line or buggie ride.

4. Can I join the activities if I suffer from a back pain condition?
We don’t recommend some of our activities to those who suffer of back pain (Horse Riding, Quick Jump, Zipline…). Please, ask your doctor.

5. Are there any limitations regarding to height or weight?
People who are more than 250 lb or less than 3’11’’ tall can’t go Horse Riding or enjoy the Quick Jump or the Zipline activities due to safety reasons.

6. Can I use my own photo or video cameras?
The use of your own devices is forbidden in the Zipline and the Quick Jump but you can use them in several moments in the rest of activities. Anyway, we recommend you not to use your own devices as they can be easily damaged and your safety might be compromised. Please remember that The Hacienda professional photographers will take the best pictures and videos of your stay with us.

7. Are there group fees?
Yes. Please contact infolh@grupointerparks.com if you need any further information.

8. We are travelling with our baby… Do we have to pay for him or her?
No, of course not, if he or she is under 2 years old. Please remember that babies can’t take part in many of the activities and that hey have to be under the supervision of an adult in every moment.

9. Can I smoke in the venue?
Yes, in the designated areas.

10. Where can we eat in The Hacienda Park?
Meals in our Dominican restaurant are delicious, enjoy!

11. Can I bring some food with me?
Due to hygiene and safety reasons only baby food is allowed to be brought from the exterior. You can find whatever you need in our restaurant and vending machines.

12. Is there any special fee for over 65 visitors?
Sorry, but no. They enjoy as much as younger people, so…

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La Hacienda Park is an unforgettable place for fun in Punta Cana wich include adventure activities such as horse riding, buggy rides, safari excursions, ziplines, chairlift, quickjump and a restaurant with authentic dominican dishes.

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