Recommendations for your trip

To make sure you have a wonderful experience, follow this recommendations to enjoy our activities and attractions with safety.

la hacienda park helmets


We’re all about having fun, but safety comes first. We provide our guests with top-of-the-line helmets made by leading hiking brand CAMP for the safety and peace of mind of the entire family.

segurity seatbelts


Just like with any vehicle, seatbelts must be fastened before setting off and must be worn during all buggy and safari rides. Have a blast and stay safe!

fatzer cable la hacienda park


Double-stranded steel cord for the Zip Line, Fatzer brand, a Swiss company that is the top and best quality manufacturer in the world.

brakes zipline la hacienda park


Automatic breaks for the Zip Line, Headrush brand, Zipstop model. They do not require any customer interaction for stopping.

pulley system la hacienda park


Dual Pulley System for Quick Jump, ISC Brand, Zippey Clip and Zip Trolley Model.

harness la hacienda park


Harness Yates brand, a leading company in mountain activities.

buggy la hacienda park


Polaris Crew buggy, with capacity for 6 people, equipped with seatbelt, reinforced rear and front fenders. 4×4 Traction. Automatic transmission.

bathings suits la hacienda park


Bathing suits aren’t mandatory, but trust us, you won’t want to be here without one! How else will you enjoy a dip in the crystal-clear Anamuya River? It really is an experience you won’t want to miss.

confortable clothing la hacienda park


You’re going to want to be comfortable for the activities we have in store, so bring practical sports clothing and always pack a change of clothes just in case: when you’re on an adventure you never know what might happen!

towels la hacienda park


There’s nothing worse than not having a towel when you need it and we recommend you bring one with you. But don’t worry if you forget: you can find everything you need and more at our store. We’ve got you covered!

cash la hacienda park


We also recommend that you bring money to take a photographic souvenir of your experience, given that in some activities, for safety reasons, it is not allowed to use personal cameras. See FAQS

la hacienda park certificate


Quality Certificate of the ACCT. The Hacienda Zip Line Tour, meets the requirements of design and operation of the elements included in the tour, under the construction standards of the ACCT.

safety rules la hacienda park


In order to join some activities such as Horseback Riding, Ziplines and
Quick Jump, you need to meet the following requirements:
– Maximum weight of 113 kg
– Maximum waist diameter of 106 cm
– Minimum height of 120 cm

rules in la hacienda park


The activities are not recommended if:
– You are pregnant
– You suffer back pains
– You suffer some kind of heart condition
– You have recently gone through a surgery